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I’ve received correspondence

Welcome, we’ve been expecting you!

If you’ve recently received a letter, email or phone call regarding important enrollment information about your Advance Health Care planning, you’re in the right place. Please look at the options below to find the right next step for you.

If you received communication by…


You received a phone call from one of our Care Navigators.

Next step:

1) Return the call from us, there is a Koda team member ready to:

  • Provide information about our service and program
  • Answer your questions about who we are
  • Verify your information and get your free account started on enrollment.

click to call (mobile)

 Mailed Letter

You received a letter from us partnered with your healthcare provider about access to a new benefit, creating an Advance Care Plan.

Next step:

1) Look at the letter you received: there is a website link listed for you from your healthcare provider or insurance company.

2) Enter that URL link into your computer browser, or use your smart phone and use the QR code to navigate to the sign up page.

3) Follow the instructions on the page, enter your information and begin enrollment.

advance care plan letter

example of letter


You received an email from us (on behalf of your healthcare provider or insurance company) about a new service or benefit.

Next step:

1) Check your email, find the email we sent.

2) There is a link or a button provided that will take you to your special sign up page.

3) Follow the instructions on the page, enter your information and  finalize your enrollment.

Still have questions? Email us back or fill out the form below.


Not sure? No problem, just reach out to us and we can help!