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How Technology Can Support Your Health Care Decision-Making

Technology is increasingly used in advance care planning as individuals seek greater control over their healthcare decisions. With the ease and accessibility offered by online platforms, video conferencing, mobile applications, and other digital tools, individuals can engage in the planning process at their own pace, on their own schedule, and from the comfort of their own homes. Koda Health harnesses the power of technology to transform the way individuals approach their healthcare choices. This article delves into the intersection of technology and healthcare decision-making, highlighting how Koda Health empowers individuals to make informed choices about their medical treatment and end-of-life care.

Completing your advance care planning with Koda Health allows you to voice the values that matter to you, make someone your medical decision maker, see the kind of quality of life you want, the kind of care you want to receive, and the supportive care. Technology can help individuals feel more informed and confident in their decision-making. Koda Health has a platform that offers tools and resources to guide individuals through the advance care planning process. They provide information about different treatment options and help you think through your values and priorities, which helps ensure you receive the healthcare you desire in the future.

  1. Values

Koda Health offers users the opportunity to express their personal values and preferences regarding medical treatments and interventions. This feature ensures that your healthcare decisions are rooted in what truly matters to you. By articulating your values, you can rest assured that your medical choices align with your deeply held beliefs and desires. This personalized approach empowers you to have a say in your healthcare journey, fostering a sense of control and peace of mind.

2. Designating a Decision-Maker

At Koda Health, you are given the power to choose someone who can make decisions for you if you can’t. This person is called a “decision-maker” and could be anyone – a family member, a close friend, etc. This way, if there comes a time when you can’t speak for yourself, your decision-maker can help make choices based on what you would want. Koda wants to make sure your voice is heard, even when you can’t speak, and having a decision-maker you trust makes a big difference.

3. Quality of Life

Thinking about how you want to live your life is really important when it comes to making healthcare decisions. Especially if you’re dealing with a serious illness that brings discomfort or pain. Koda Health cares about this a lot. They want to know if you’d like extra help called “palliative care” to improve your comfort and overall well-being. This shows that Koda Health cares about all aspects of your life, not just the medical stuff. By asking about palliative care, they’re making sure your wishes and needs are heard. This way, you have a say in how you want to live, even when facing tough times.

4. Medical Care

Koda Health asks questions like this to find out how you want to be taken care of. Imagine if you were dealing with a serious illness that brought along tough symptoms like pain, difficulty breathing, or feeling nauseous. Koda wants to know if you’d be interested in getting special support called “palliative care,” care that aims to improve your quality of life by managing these symptoms. These questions are important because they help Koda understand what’s most important to you when it comes to your health. Koda is making a plan that fits you perfectly, considering not only your body but also your feelings and thoughts.

5. Sharing Your Plan with Your Loved Ones

Using technology in advance care planning allows individuals to easily share information and documents with family members and healthcare providers. By storing their advance care planning documents on digital platforms, individuals can ensure that their wishes are known and honored even if they cannot communicate them directly. This can alleviate the burden on family members who may otherwise be left to make difficult healthcare decisions on behalf of their loved ones. 


In the changing world of healthcare decisions, technology becomes a strong helper for people starting their advance care plans. They use digital tools to show what they want, share important details with family and doctors, and make smart healthcare choices. Even if they can’t talk directly, technology lets them make decisions that match their values. With technology getting better all the time, it’s going to play an even bigger part in advance care planning. This will help more people of different ages and backgrounds. Koda Health is like a guiding light where technology and healthcare choices meet. When we work on our advance care plans, Koda Health helps us tell what matters to us, choose someone to speak for us, imagine how we want to live, and make clear choices about our care. Koda Health mixes personalized technology and caring understanding to make sure our healthcare choices match what we really believe in. This gives us a strong feeling of control and calmness. By using technology to make conversations easy, steps simple, and information available, Koda Health leads the way for advance care planning. This leads us to a future where each person’s choices and voices aren’t just heard, they’re celebrated.