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Build Your Living Will and Advance Directive at Home

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Say goodbye to old, confusing forms and say hello to a simpler, more effective way of planning your healthcare journey. Koda Health’s modern approach makes it easier than ever to ensure your preferences are understood and honored.

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Upgrade Your Healthcare Planning Experience

Thinking about the treatments involved in a medical emergency is not easy, but facing one without an Advance Care Plan can lead to unwanted treatments, unnecessary medical expenses, stress, and family conflict. Planning ahead allows you to have a say in your care.

With the Koda Health Platform You Can:

Document Healthcare Preferences

Use our visual planning tool to choose care that aligns with your values and beliefs.  We’ll organize and document it for you.


Pick a Medical Decision Maker

We’ll help guide you through the process of finding the right person to speak on your behalf if you’re ever unable to speak for yourself.


Share Your Plan with Your Loved Ones

Share Your Advance Care Plan with the important people in your life so they know what type of care and treatments matter to you.


Update or Change Your Plan, Anytime

Had a lifestyle change? As a Koda user, you can access and update your plan anytime, even after you’ve signed it.


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Did You Know? Without documented instructions, studies show that there is only a 50/50 chance that loved ones make healthcare decisions that match your choices.

What our patients think about Koda…

I think what Koda Health is doing is amazing. I completed my guide and I I loved how in detail the directive was. I’ve seen a directive before and its never as detailed as yours is – it was very easy to complete and I was able to thoroughly pick all my wishes. I would like my sister and daughter to complete this as well.

I am comfortable knowing my wishes are officially documented and that my family knows what I want.

  • Lisa N. – Ga.

What Is Koda Health and Advance Care Planning?

What is an Advance Care Plan?

Think of this document as a better, more comprehensive Advance Directive (you may know it as a “Living Will”). Most commonly found Advance Directives are not detailed enough to be useful for doctors or families. They don’t have enough information about the kind of care that will guarantee the quality of life you wish to have if you can’t make your own medical decisions. Koda helps you create values-based, comprehensive instructions that give you, your family and your healthcare providers confidence that they are doing exactly as you wish.

Why do I need to fill out an advance directive?

An advance directive (also called a living will) allows you to express what values, quality of life, and care options are important to you. If you are in a condition where you aren’t able to make medical decisions, this document is important to ensure you get the type of treatment that you would want. Whether that might be no medical intervention, all the medical interventions, or somewhere in between, this document allows you to tell your doctors and loved ones what matters to you.

Do I need to pay anything for this service?

Koda Health is completely free to use, access, and make your advance medical care plan legal.

My family knows what I want, do I really need to do this?

Although it’s great your family knows what you want, it’s always good to have your medical care choices in writing and have something that your doctors and hospital can access quickly. This is an easy way to get that done.

I already filled out an advance directive - do I need to fill this out again?

It’s important to review your advance directives frequently, since your preferences might change. The Koda platform also explores what values and quality of life is important to you in more depth. Thus, we recommend that you complete this document to provide your doctors and loved ones with more clarity.

Ready when you are! Get started today and have a say in your care.