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Plan Your Healthcare in advance, with ease.

By creating an Advance Care Plan you can ensure your wishes are honored, and your family is taken care of during the time you’ll need it most.

Why should you plan your healthcare in advance?

Peace of Mind

Planning ahead ensures that your choices will be respected for you and your loved ones during a medical emergency.

Personal Control

Empower yourself to control your medical treatment choices, aligning them with your values and beliefs.

Save Money

Avoid unnecessary expenses by having your wishes communicated before any kind of treatment is administered.

Reduce Stress

Ease stress and uncertainty for you and your loved ones by offering clear guidance and direction during difficult times.

"This is such an intelligent and easy to use solution for so many families."- Koda User, NC

"Their platform made it incredibly easy to create comprehensive advance healthcare documents tailored to our preferences." -Koda User, TN

"The step-by-step process and intuitive design made it simple and stress-free."- Koda User, Fl

"Creating my advance healthcare plan was a breeze, and the comprehensive features ensured I covered all the necessary aspects." - Koda User, Ga

How it Works

Build Your Plan: 4 Easy Steps

Get Enrolled

If you’ve gotten correspondence from us, you’re likely covered and have an account waiting for you already. Just need sign in and get started.

Fill out your Advance Care Plan

Once you are logged in, watch our quick how-to video and start putting your plan together! Our software was made to make the ACP planning process a breeze.

Share Your Plan

Your Medical Decision Maker plays an important role in this process. We want you to bring them in and have a discussion about your plan choices.

Make Your Plan Official

We can finalize your documents to be legal and binding according to your home state’s requirements. No trips to the courthouse, notary, or law office needed.

See how easy it is to use

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Koda Health is a HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliant Company, meaning your private medical data is protected with the utmost care and security.

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